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Plastic waste is polluting our oceans more than ever. The habitat of almost all marine life is in great danger. Help us to clean the ocean of pollution.
We offer different materials made of SEAQUAL® YARN, which are made of 100% recycled plastic waste. The material can be used in many ways (printed/unprinted).

Textile fastener – versatile and practical

Textile fasteners, also called hook and loop, have been part of our product range for many decades. They belong to the group of functional materials. Textile fastener is universal and versatile.

It is suitable for shoes, clothing, backpacks, bags, as closure on an arm splint, but also as a cable tie and fastening system.

We have various widths, colours, forms and types of hook and loops.

We also offer various velour materials, which may be used as hook, i.e., as counterpart to the loop.

The next Generation

The current edition of STEPTECHNIK contains an interesting article about STOCKMAYER:
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Shoes designed in Rhineland-Palatinate

STOCKMAYER is represented by an article as well as an ad in the SHOEZ Special “Shoes designed in Rhineland-Palatinate”, issued July 2019.
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The brochure “Shoe technology coming from Rhineland-Palatinate”, which is enclosed to the journal SHOEZ, entails a detailed article about STOCKMAYER. Read not only about our range of products and services but also gain deeper insights into our company:
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Direct printing on textiles

We can print on all textiles, e.g. PU, cotton, polyamide, NOMEX®, viscose, polyester and mixed fibres.

– high colour brilliance
– pleasant feel
– good light fastnesses and friction resistances

We will gladly discuss your design wishes with you to realize them accordingly.


Consistent further development of our Silverpoint finish:

– without nanoparticles
– finish complies with the Biocidal Products Regulation (528/2012/EU)
– bactericidal and slightly fungicidal properties
– prevents odour formation
– resistant to repeated washing and dry cleaning
– active ingredients: silver ions (AgCI) CAS no. 7783-90-6

LAVAPOINT – new anti-odour technology

Ideal for work and sports shoes: The odour is trapped in "mineral cages" that are also elements of the lava ash and broken down there.
No biocides are used so that the skin's anti-bacterial shield is maintained.
This also obviates the need for registration under the Biocidal Products Regulation. The finish is Bluesign®- and Ökotex Standard 100®-certified and will even retain its effectiveness after 50 household washes.

If your product requires an anti-odour technology that combines performance, ecology and sustainability, LAVAPOINT is the tailor-made solution for you.

Measuring machine – Always looking to optimise processes

According to the German proverb: „Trust is good, checking up is better!“ we at Otto Stockmayer + Sohn GmbH have decided to introduce a new final inspection system.

The standard measuring methods and time-consuming material checks previously used have become a thing of the past. Using a newly developed, calibrated goods inspection machine, the materials can be examined and tested from both sides. Length measurements, including those from highly sensitive goods, such as stretch materials, can be defined precisely using the highly-developed measuring technology. During viewing recognised defects are marked at the edge, recorded and printed on the label which contains all control data. It is also possible to cut rolls to required lengths.

Service and quality have highest priority at Otto Stockmayer + Sohn GmbH, as they form the foundation stone for safety and satisfaction amongst their customers.