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Four pillars


Function is paramount here. This is true for the technical material and its lightness, for breathability and wearing comfort – whether running shoes and walking boots or for the BMX course. Tear resistance and precise fit are essential, guaranteeing easy movement and pure concentration. Also, as a bonus: a cool colour style.


Ideas, ideas, as far as the eye can see.
STOCKMAYER is always up to date with its fabric print and embossing designs as well as with other fashion details, and is also actively creating colour and textile accents for the future. For shoes, bags and accessories. Always actual, twelve months of the year.


Shoes are a subject of great currency for the fire service, police, construction companies and chemical plants, among others. Ensuring 100% safety requires special know-how, both for tough and durable upper materials and for functional inside lining. These components are essential for maximum protection and high wearing comfort. At STOCKMAYER, the development of components and treatments enjoys top priority.


Orthopaedic shoes need to satisfy special requirements. Wearers of such shoes desire a good balance between medical necessity and fashion. Shoemakers require materials that allow these aims to be met while guaranteeing optimum machining and working properties. The production of a single shoe entails over 35 parts combined in 140 work steps. STOCKMAYER materials can be found in a wide range of applications, ensuring that the goals are attained to perfection: lightweight, good workmanship, kind to feet and skin, comfortable and fashionable.

Further sectors of our company: