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Sustainably active for the 100th birthday

On 26 october, team Stockmayer showed its colours in the Palatinate Forest. On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, the family-run company is actively committed to climate protection and supports a reforestation project in Niedersimten. 50 red oaks were planted on an area of 1,000 square metres.

This year, Stockmayer, expert in fashion and technical textiles, celebrates its 100th birthday. Environmental protection and sustainability have played a central role for the Pirmasens-based family business from the very beginning. Sustainable action goes beyond the variety of materials and processes in the company. “The topics of nature conservation and environmental protection are particularly close to our hearts," emphasises Managing Director Ute Rosenfelder with a concerned look at climate change. Unfortunately, its effects are also becoming visible in the local forests. Extreme drought, the bark beetle and storm damage have left clear traces in the Palatinate Forest.

Teamwork for the environment

For the Rosenfelder family, this was reason enough to do something locally to combat the advancing climate change. With a great initiative: In its anniversary year, the Stockmayer company is actively committed to climate protection and supports a reforestation project in the Palatinate Forest. On 26 October, the entire Stockmayer team planted 50 red oaks in a 1,000 square metre open area near Niedersimten. The hardwoods, which originate from North America, are considered to be particularly resistant to drought. All employees were enthusiastic and thirsty for knowledge. Thea Bernstein, head of the Pirmasens forest district (Westrich forestry office), has been involved in the project from the beginning and praises the initiative: "Our goal is to maintain a natural and climate-stable forest. We are therefore very pleased that the Stockmayer company is supporting the elaborate forestation."

The area planted by the Stockmayer company not far from the "Pfotentreff" is part of an 8,000 square metre area "Am alten Schloss", which had suffered particularly badly from drought and bark beetle infestation. The area had to be cleared of damaged wood. A large-scale reforestation is planned here soon, which is also financially supported by the Stockmayer company and the Rosenfelder family: In cooperation with the tree nursery Löser, deciduous woods such as sweet chestnut, small-leaved lime, field maple, European aspen and wild service tree will be planted - all trees that cope well with the drought.

From now on, hikers and walkers can observe live how the red oaks, freshly planted by the Stockmayer team and equipped with protective wooden trellises, are developing. In the immediate vicinity, a wooden bench sponsored by Stockmayer invites you to pause and enjoy nature.


"Environmental protection and the preservation of our beautiful, local nature are particularly close to our hearts. That's why we are very pleased that we were able to contribute to the reforestation campaign in the Palatinate Forest together with our employees."

Ute Rosenfelder, Managing Director Stockmayer

"Take a seat! In the immediate vicinity of the Pfotentreff, where we planted the 50 red oaks, the new Stockmayer bench invites you to rest and enjoy."

Marc Rosenfelder, Stockmayer

"Since reforestation is always an elaborate and cost-intensive measure, we are of course very happy about the great support from the Stockmayer company."

Thea Bernstein, Head of the Pirmasens Forest District (Forestry Office Westrich)

"Keep it up! With this great campaign, the Stockmayer company proves how sustainability can be actively anchored in the company and beyond. I wish the company and the whole family continued success!"

Dr. Claudia Schulz, PR & Communication

"Aware of the fact that the fashion and shoe industry leaves behind a large CO2 footprint, the planting campaign is also to be understood as a compensatory measure to offset the climate catastrophe. We hope that our initiative will find many imitators from the shoe industry."

Prof. Klaus Nieder, FH Kaiserslautern

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